Its Magical

Yeah ! I would like to call it as magical.

Mostly I will be sleeping till 8 in the morning. The lazy guy who never see sunrise when I am at my place. Its like more than 4 years I am here and its normal. The same place, Same smell, Same sorroundings.

Today I woke up at 5 in the morning there is nothing special about today.A normal day till I open up my eyes. It was bit chill, I was able to hear some sounds. The anxiety made me wake up from the bed, walked till that old window.

I havent blinked my eyes for a minute.

A view from my window

I missed many mornings :( , The freshness of the morning.

I was out of control opened the door and started enjoying.

The flowers, The plants, the trees, grasses…

Everything was there. I havent saw them this much pretty before.

“There is nowhere morning does not go.” 
Leah Hager Cohen, Glass, Paper, Beans: Revolutions on the Nature and Value of Ordinary Things

There were lot of visitors coming to there in the morning. I wanted to know the reason. I found him,He stopped for a minute,he was not afraid and I just asked.

“Where you will at day time ? I havent saw any of you before”

He was bit busy i think he was hurrying up for his work.

Rabbit that i found.

I found some man guarding her gals. They also wokeup very early and searching for their daily bread. The boundaries made by social animal restricted them for exploring.

I just started finding things that i never noticed.

Life changes when you do make a small change in the routine

Everything becomes beautiful when that one person comes to you. You will start enjoying each and every moment.

Everything become magical. Trust me believe in time. For everyone on earth there is some magic gonna happen.

** All photos are clicked today morning [ 1/9/2016]