Previously to ebizmarts POS, Tom Dixon were using multiple tools and software packages to manage their online and offline business processes. Their ambition was to consolidate and streamline these systems while boosting customer experience by becoming brand agnostic across their online and physical points of sale. ebizmarts POS offered a way to realise this new retail philosophy by streamlining Tom Dixon’s global touchpoints into one channel.

The challenge: building brand agnosticism

The ambition sounded simple enough: to offer customers one retail experience when buying Tom Dixon fixtures, fittings and furnishings.

Tom Dixon maintain a multi-channel presence, so this meant consolidating various online and offline…

Situation: Delivering omnichannel in-store

With over 70 years’ heritage in British bed and mattress manufacturing, Silentnight is the UK’s biggest and most trusted sleep brand — as chosen by customers who value the business’s innovation and quality service.

When Silentnight opened its first flagship showroom in Manchester’s Trafford Centre in May 2017, however, it was challenged to diversify its traditional B2B business model and integrate B2C sales in-store and online.

As Phil Turner, Silentnight Ecommerce Manager, explains: ‘’we are trying to adapt our business model to align with the current needs of (our) customers.’’

To do so effectively, Silentnight required a supplier that could…

Philadelphia based clothing and apparel supplier Jofit have undergone a number of changes in the past few years. Evolving from a wholesale women’s fashion brand in 2014, Jofit, in collaboration with Inverse Paradox, sought to expand their direct-to-consumer business with a redesign of their ecommerce experience and an overhaul in online marketing. Along with the digital transformation into an established online apparel business, Jofit soon followed in the footsteps of well known ecommerce brands like Warby Parker and Bonobos, by opening their first physical retail location in November 2015.

Like any online business taking on the task of opening their…

We caught up with Steven Wu from R & W Media last month about his experience using ebizmarts extensions for his clients’ Magento projects. Check out what all he had to say.

To begin with, can you tell us a bit about R & W Media? How long you’ve been around, specialities, etc.

R & W Media is a Magento specialist agency, we’re based in the heart of London. R & W Media was founded back in 2012.

We design responsive eCommerce websites that are user-friendly, highly functional, fast, scalable and fully tailored to our clients’ unique needs. We have…

Two things are continually proving themselves to be true at the pass of every quarter: one, it’s no doubt that ecommerce giants persistently prove to be a worthy foe to the brick-and-mortar cornerstone of our retail upbringing; and two, that we in the retail technology sector can testify that innovative solutions continue to arise to combat these new challenges.

There couldn’t be a better time for brick-and-mortar based retail environments to sharpen their proverbial knives and fortify their strategies in an ever-increasingly competitive environment requiring them to go head on with ecommerce Goliaths such as Amazon. As convenience increases with…

It’s a simple fact: in store mobile usage is on the rise. Actually, not only is half of all internet traffic now coming from mobile devices alone, but nearly 80% of shoppers have used their mobile device while in a physical store to look up reviews, compare prices or search other store locations. Subsequently, it’s only becoming more important for retailers to prepare themselves for the wealth of product and store specific information that our modern customer has attained.

At home goods retailer Morrison & Sons, preparation was key to saving lost sales as a result of this phenomena. Across…

JH are Magento Enterprise Technology Partners who deliver brilliant eCommerce websites to their clients that engage customers and drive sales. They’ve won the Excellence in Mobile Experience Award at Magento’s Annual Imagine conference two years in a row for their consistent proven expertise in responsive design. In this post, Phoebe Haig from JH shares some expertise on the complex and omnipresent role mobile plays in retail and ecommerce:

Mobile might not convert the way businesses want it to, but the fact that it’s always on means it’s become present at every point of the customer’s journey to purchase.

The traditional…

As a new retail business, Home by Tea, wanted a future proof platform for their online business, as well as, a robust POS solution that would enable payments to be taken quickly and easily in-store.

With this in mind, Home by Tea decided to build their new website on Magento 2 and deploy ebizmarts POS in store as a key part of their omnichannel environment.

However, having never built a Magento site before, Home by Tea managed to get Magento and the POS up and running in less than 10 days — from installation to first POS transaction. …

Without a doubt, ecommerce giants such as the likes of Amazon have developed strategies that allow them to take advantage of economies of scale. With services such as free two day and $4 next day shipping for Prime customers, it can be daunting for the rest of us to develop strategies to stay relevant and competitive in a market that favours our Big Brother-like ecommerce neighbours.

One response to this is adapt a true Unified Commerce experience. Instead of operating on multiple internal channels, retailers should leverage a single centralised platform that synchronises in real time across retail and ecommerce…

Entrance hallway to Imagine 2017

Magento Imagine

Every year, Imagine brings together more than 2,500 ecommerce experts including merchants, developers, agencies and technology partners from all over the world to inspire, educate, collaborate and simply have fun. Through presentations, information sessions, talks, discussions and networking events with the brightest and most innovative minds, entrepreneurs and visionaries driving the ecommerce world through Magento today, Imagine achieves it’s mission to connect the international commerce ecosystem.


ebizmarts POS is an Enterprise Grade mobile Point of Sale App that enables selling your Magento products in your retail stores for a true Omnichannel experience

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