What is Fear?

Fear is something that only the living being can create. It is not something that already exists, nor is it an animate object. Fear is created by emotion and response to something that has created your phobia. Although there can be phobias well grounded into our society that we should be afraid of, only the individual can determine for himself/herself what fear is. Fear is based on past experiences. For example, you cannot be afraid of spiders if you have not encountered one. Some can argue that you can be afraid of something that you have not experienced. Some may say that is fear-something you don’t want to happen. One can only form this kind of fear from what other people tell them, of from what they have seen. Therefore, fear is ultimately created by the power of the brain based on a personal experience, or from what they interpret from what others have told them or from what they have seen. For me, this is the definition of fear-that it is what we tell ourselves. If we tell ourselves that we are afraid of spiders (based on the reaction we had with a spider) then we will be afraid of spiders. If we tell ourselves we are afraid of the future, we will be. As the famous character Augustus Waters had once said, he was afraid of oblivion. He was afraid of not living his life out to the fullest. Sometimes we cannot control our fear-as it might crawl inside our heads and borrow itself in our subconscious like an animal trying to find shelter. When you tremble with fear, you can feel as though your mind is shaken by a bird that laid a nest in your head. What we are afraid of and what we let that fear do is for us to decide. Depending on what we are afraid of-we must overcome that fear, because what we want to achive is on the other side. Overcoming fear is like breaking it like a wrecking ball. You can take an easy swing at it, but you need to build up the strength to make sure that the wall breaks. Just as easy as it is to form the emotion of fear with the mind, it is just as easy to overcome that fear, because you formed it.

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