Allow me the arrogance of recasting this statement: Educated, middle class citizens of affluent…
Abel Henry

Hi Abel!

“Educated, middle class citizens of affluent capitalistic societies are starting to realize that the practices that previously paid for their privilege are reaching the point of diminishing returns.”

I’m curious where you get this idea from?

“The culture of greed maintained by those who benefit most from inequity has poisoned the hearts and minds of the very folks who benefit the least.”

Not sure I agree with that one. Selfishness and greed has been at the heart of the majority for a long time. You just see it more prominently in the ones that have “made it,” because, well, they’re on a pedestal now. It is not difficult to differentiate between people/companies being selfish, and legitimately helpful, I’d say. Outer actions always follow what’s inside.

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