Why I Get The Flu Vaccine Every Year
Gid M-K; Health Nerd

Having a spouse who got Guillain-Barre from a flu shot and will never fully recover, I must take issue with you blithely recommending it for the elderly who have potentially weakened immune systems and are most susceptible to side effects.

Apparently, from the doctors who treated her, it is far from as uncommon a side effect as claimed. The CDC says it is one in 100,000 probability. However, from the 100,000 or so flu shots given in our county every year there appear to be dozens, maybe hundreds of cases. We found out it is virtually impossible to report a side effect of a vaccine. They want everything proof positive including vaccine lot numbers, etc. otherwise the report is dismissed. Crippling pain radiating out from the injection site and slowly spreading over the whole body did not qualify as a creditable diagnoses to the CDC.

The numbers of side effects quoted are only those they deign to acknowledge, nowhere near the actual numbers. Basically, it is screw your diagnoses. We don’t want anything to spoil the narrative we are spinning.

I have lost my trust in the system and I get upset with people who don’t call out this crass dishonesty and act as shills for the industry.

Please try to write a balanced article next time, not a commercial disguised as science.