If you can read this sentence, then two things stand out. One is the fact that you understand English language and the other is that communication has just happened. I have penned down a sentence, you have read it (that is receiving my message). Now if you comment on my write up, you are giving me feedback. Communication between two or more people has just happened. This concept is easily used in programming.

Application Programming Interface (API), this allows applications to communicate with applications. Quite easy write? Then, try writing an application to consumes (that is use) an API and you will find out that you need to internalize a lot of information before your mind gets the hang of it. I am on that stage now as I write this article and google has been a good friend so fat.

That was just one of the task we were asked to implement and submit before a set time limit. The other tasks are quite interesting. They task are testing my programming logic. I am working on how to write solutions to problems and test the solutions. You would think that you have to have a solution before you test the solutions right? WRONG!!! In programming the reverse is the case. You write tests first before solutions. The test should capture all your ‘edge cases’ so to speak. They should try to catch cases were a user of your application refuses or wrongly inputs values that you do not permit. Then with this in mind, you write your application.

Programming is sweet when you work with a group of people and try to solve problems together. You end up building robust tools that fill humanity’s needs. If you are not learning any programming language, please do, it will surprise you when you find out what innovative and creative tools you will be able to build.

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