MY Experience at Andela Boot Camp So Far.(Day 2)

24 hours! Every day you are giving that exact amount, what you do with it is totally up to you. It is “Day 2” at my stay here in Andela boot camp and as usual I have been handed 24hours. That’s quite a lot you might say, but I tell you not here at Andela. A complete day starts from 12 mid night down to 12 mid night. Around seven to eight hours of that time is supposed to be spent sleeping, without this, the cumulative effect will result in many health complications.

Learning they say never ends. For learning to truly take place, the brain must accept new information and process such information by thinking deeply on the received information and then retain the vital details. The state of a persons mind determines how productive one will be in any venture. Here at Andela boot camp more work have been handed down as usual, we are been exposed to new exiting concepts and tools. What an API is, what uses it and some interesting areas it finds its applications. From “Day0” it had been a game of “catch” for me. Tools, programing concepts, new ideas and tests were all thrown at me on a daily bases and I try to “catch” as much as I can at every moment. But the reality I woke up to today has left me perplexed. Excluding the Andela boot camp assignments that should be submitted before 5pm today, nature has just added its own assignment. After disobeying its law for the past five days, nature had come to collect what is due it. Anything I attempt to read does now sink into my mind; I read words instead of meaning in words. The predicament here is if I obey natures call and sleep that shortens time allotted for the boot camp assignments; if I don’t obey I end up losing time completely. What will you have me do? Obey? Yes that’s the solution; I will obey its call to a limited degree, what I am able to do after this, that’s what I will hand down in my assignments solutions.

What an experience! In programing you are thought to always write code with the user in mind, never assuming that the user will obey the instructions you have set out in your program. You are to write in such a way that all possibilities are eliminated to a reasonable degree. Catching the boundary conditions you might say. I tell you the truth, this boot camp have exposed a lot of my weaknesses and strengths, and it feels truly like what it says it is BOOTCAMP!

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