Today is present tomorrow is future and yesterday is history. What a day of learning it has been for me. Javascript Object Oriented Programming. The syntax for implementing OOP in other programming languages is quite easy compared to javascript. Constructor, prototype etc are just a few of the terms professional use to hide quite simple and straight forward concepts, scaring away the weak at heart.

I had to read,research and watch a whole lot of videos (thanks to google and yahoo) before the vial was lifted a little from my eye. On getting a good understanding of it, i was required to implement it, using the knowledge gleaned to create any real world object with it. I did what i could to implement it in creating TV sets objects.

The other coding labs given to us here at Andela boot camp were easy on the surface but difficult to implement a good algorithm. How can you write a good and efficient algorithm to determine if an array was arithmetic or geometric in nature. That got me thinking, how can I solve this without looping through? may be your have the answer. if you don’t try searching online for a good implementation, if you do you will come out more confused than enlightened. Lesson i learnt? exhaust all your ideas first before delving to other solutions when it comes to coding.

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