The odd life of an Oddlad — T.O.F.T

In this new musical age where every up and coming artist is grinding hard to get that tiny spot light, there is one young soon to be Afro-pop star who is bent on changing the dynamics in Afro-beat.

While change is the most constant element for growth, it is important for up and coming artists to understand that, it is ok to be rhythmically different as long as you stay true to yourself and that is what this young fast-rising, unsigned “Afro-beast” is about.

Let's take a quick peep into the odd life of this "oddlad".

Anthony Johnson is a Nigerian born Afro-Dancehall artist with stage name (AJAY). While he has been in music for 7 years and started recording professionally in 2016, AJAY is on the path to redefining Afro beat with the 2017 award for Best Foreign Base Music Act at the Top Naija Music Awards and successful single releases and features including his hit single "ONDO"

You might want to ask what his art is really about, for AJAY, his art is all about portraying his origin and his roots - "the fact that I’m from the south, carries a lot of stereotypes relating to how violent and rude people from my ends are, but the fact remains that, we are strong and brave people with the drive to achieve better and work hard to get whatever we deserve. Speaking to AJAY to further understand his art, he said, he sees his music as a human with a soul who is all about living and let-live, not forgetting the culture which is afrobeat - "I am not selling Afro beats to the world than it’s already been sold, I am giving them the opportunity to experience the joy, the energy the colorful culture that comes with the genre called Afro-beat. Although this young up and coming Afro-Dancehall superstar’s music was greatly influenced growing up by the likes of Shaggy, Usher, Sean Paul, Diddy, 50cent etc, locally, he was glued to PSquare, 2face, faze, African China and Raskimono. It was when his music morphed into him accepting and building on his origin to create a sound that everyone could relate to, was when it was important stay focus with the cause.

From the onset, AJAY has never been about fitting in, both in school and outside - "I was finding it difficult to put myself with the crowd as I thought fitting in was the best way to blend in, but it was never working out well, and my thoughts were always about trying to create something different most would call crazy caps and because I never wanted to come off as normal, I picked up the name Oddlad.

In a talk about his newest project which he calls his baby, AJAY is set to release his newest EP titled T.O.F.T — an EP that completely potrays who he is and his sound. "It has been a long time coming for me because I got to a point in my life where I had to go through self actualization in order to find myself and my sound, It was never easy considering the path I followed was not one approved by my family. Ultimately, I am grateful to God for walking me through that phase".

What T.O.F.T means, is something we will have to find out when the EP drops.

AJAY is on a mission and pushing with everything he's got, he said he doesn't plan to stop until the world starts listening to this ogba boy.

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