James Okina

Your gospel may be making sense to you but what you are missing is that before independence and throughout the periods after independence great men like Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe preached that gospel better and more eloquent than you are doing now but that did not stop the Prime Minister who is a Fulani in collaboration with the Saduana of Sokoto and Islamic authorities in the North from flooding the Nigeria military with young uneducated northern young men in preparation for a major power struggle which they believe will be fought on the streets of Nigeria rather than in the parliaments and ballot boxes around the country. The mindset that led to ethnic tension was put in place at the beginning by norther leaders and they have not changed their mind yet. The call for Biafra is not a radical or ill informed effort, but a last resort effort, that young men that have seen their dreams destroyed by the Nigerian nation and a blink future for their children, to fight for something meaningful and lasting. Maybe you are doing well and many southerners are doing well in Nigeria but a vast majority of us are not and do not have any hope that is why we are leaving Nigeria to aboard in diaspora. If the current trend continues then your Nigeria will be inhabited by only the Hausa and Fulani men and women because we will all be gone.

Your argument is also flawed because you mentioned that Hausa has made some southerners rich. Should we then clap for them for making some southerners rich? That statement sound so childish. Bottom line is Northern Nigeria need to organize themselves for self governance and let the other regions do the same.

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