Andela Bootcamp cycle 27 came in a whole new package compared to what it used to be, which is much better for me as you get to know your colleagues and start up collaboration before the commencement of Bootcamp proper. The introduction of a slack channel helped a great deal in getting to know ourselves as well as creating a friendly environment with each other. Through the channel I saw a lot of intereting colleagues with different characteristics, most of them were very co-operative when it comes to providing solutions while some are very good in putting a smile on peoples face by cracking jokes.

The first colleague I met was when we had our interview she is by name “Oluwakemi Fasae”, while mine was slated for 9.25 hers was slated for 10. we had a little chat and discussion before we had to get separated for our different scheduled interview appointment. After the interview, we still kept contact and luckily for us we both made it to Bootcamp. My first two days of Bootcamp, I got to know her more and saw some wonderful qualities in her. Oluwakemi Fasae is a lady with a bright mind, she loves meeting people, helping and asking questions. she is a movie lover as well as a free minded person who is open to all and passionate about becoming a Fellow.

Another interesting colleague I met while in camp is “Hamdalah Adetunji”. Hamdalah is a very nice and beautiful Muslim colleague who I first met in a meetup called “Pyladies”. I came to see her as a very smart and easy going colleague who loves to learn, contribute as much as possible and try out new technologies. I like calling her “Andela” as her name sounds like it. I think she is one of the coolest if not the coolest Bootcamp mate I have met so far for I so much love people who are real and down to earth.

Finally, the man in the house who I have come to know with time is “Samuel longshak”. Samuel is just an easy going person, with an open mind. He sees life in a different way and actually loves to be of help whenever the need be. I first came in contact with him on slack when I asked questions and realized he contributed as much as possible and tries to give his own ideas where necessary.

I came to also meet other wonderful set of colleagues such as Chimeruche Okereke, Chucks Durugo and Olatunji Yusuf. they have been very wonderful as well and I am very happy to have met them.

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