I’ma let you finish Frank, but Andre had the best track on the album

My friend and I are jamming out to Frank’s much needed release. Actually let’s be clear, on top of the visual album, we’re listening to the second drop: Blond. While I love Frank and every bit of his art, I must give individual praise to Andre’ 3000's solo on track 10, ‘Solo [Reprise]’. When I tell y’all everything this man is saying will have you hype, beyond the simple fact that it’s Andre’.

Out the gate, he’s telling us where this “solo” vision is coming from, explaining he sees every little thing for what it is. He touches on the current trauma black bodies are experiencing:

“I can admit. When I hear that another kid is shot by the popo it ain’t an event.”

He tells us even though he’s been winning, he moves differently. The fact that labels make people feel like their on a high horse is a trend he’s far removed from.

“I cut the pony off, now there’s a hole where there once was a logo. How fitting. Solo that I could give a fuck about what is trending. Trying to cut down on my spending, regardless of winning we still not pretending.”

While leading with admittance that he doesn’t completely understand what it’s like to be a woman, he touches on female experiences and expectations. Giving prelude to the current pedestal women are placed on when they choose to go through extreme lengths, such as surgery, to have a certain look… while still wanting something “real” from a man.

“I hate that it’s like this, I feel for you… So pardon me if I am being insensitive, but darling this only worsens.”

Towards the end is where I was like dang Andre’ you gone do the kids like that?

“l ain’t no rookie but I feel like a kid, looking at the other kids with astonishment while i’m on punishment looking at the summer come close to an end.”
“I’m so naive I was under the impression that everyone wrote they own verses. I’m humming and whistling to those not deserving.”

20 years he never thought he’d see hip hop’s summer come to an end. All his genuine sweat and tears, and these new rappers are just walking in with no effort.

“I stumbled and limped. Was I just working to hard?”

You did just enough Dre’. You did more than enough for me, whether Outkast, solo, or feature. Your hard work was more than enough!