Lavar Ball will be to the Athletic Apparel industry like Amazon/Netflix was to the Cable Television industry!

Love Lavar Ball or hate him — you will know him and have an opinion. For those living under a rock and unfamiliar, Lavar is the father of Lonzo Ball (projected 2nd pick in the 2017 NBA draft), LiAngelo and LiMelo both basketball prodigies in Chino Hills, CA. The younger brothers will also play at UCLA. As SB Nation mentions, LiMelo is projected to also be a transcendent player for the Bruins in a few years.

SB Nation: Lavar Ball Unveils New High End Sneaker!

For all the hate and people wishing they fail — a friend recently said: “Why is it that when a person leaves Goldman Sachs to start their own hedge fund, they are celebrated but when an athlete who traditionally was beholden to an endorsement deal from the traditional shoe companies decides to go out on his own and control his brand, likeness and future earnings, he’s ridiculed?

For many who disagree with Lavar Ball’s attention grabbing tactics, here are a few things to consider:

1. He’s getting attention: Those who consistently get attention on a variety of platform are methodical in their movements. Most people don’t understand the intricacies of getting media attention so they assume it’s craziness or luck. Same conversations I’ve had during speeches about the Kardashians. Many erroneously think the family is famous because of a mix tape.

The average person hates public speaking and would rather die…let alone doing constant media appearances…and then add “having an opinion” contrary to “just be nice and quiet like lemmings”.

Or lazy comments like: “If I had that money I would do ____” or “Why can’t he just take the endorsement deal like other athletes? Playing a sport is a privilege!”

2. Disruption: Music and music labels (streaming, Tidal, Apple, Spotify), TV ( Amazon, Netflix, Youtube), Taxi/Transportation (uber, lyft) have all been disrupted…. every industry that isn’t necessarily very capital-intensive is ripe for disruption.

Nike, Reebok..were disrupted by Under Armor…now you no longer have to rely on getting a “deal” from a record label or shoe companies.

3. Most shoes are made overseas…all Lavar Ball needs is a decent distribution channel…selling online is very lucrative. You don’t have to be in 1000 stores…however if you’ve shown a high level of interest from audiences…retail (which are closing by the boatloads) would carry some of the cost of distribution.

4. Stephon Marbury had a pretty awesome shoe line — the Starbury. He sold MILLIONS in China…for $10/ each in the US. I had a pair and they were pretty decent for playing outdoor. If Lonzo becomes a Star and leverages that to global distribution….it will be transcendent.

Other athletes have tried brand and shoe production — remember Al Harrington’s crappy street ball shoe? The power is in the execution not the idea for a shoe.

5. The price of the shoe is irrelevant — it gets people talking about it everywhere again.

Secondly, it provides an anchor for lower tier products and higher tier. No one ever thought LeBron’s shoe was worth $150…but people buy it with regularity….Nike signed King James to a huge deal before he played one game!

Hate Lavar or love him….you will know him, and listen to him…why you listen to him (however) will depend on you.

Either way…learn from this guy — he’s disrupting the game.

“You gotta dream big, because it’s all a mindset!” — Lonzo Ball

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