No matter how hard I worked, I wasn’t getting drafted!


Whether you’re a basketball fan or not — you’ve heard of the NBA.

The NBA Draft recently occurred where college and amateur players are selected to fulfill their dream of playing professional basketball at the highest level!

You may not know this but I played professional basketball in Europe (Switzerland, England & China/Taiwan) from 1999–2001.

Basketball took me all over the world. It took me to countries many have wished they could visit and places people never wish to visit.

Basketball took me to Beijing, Hong Kong, all over Taiwan, Pyongyang, North Korea (DPRK), Tehran, Iran, all over Switzerland, France, England, Portugal and most of western Europe.

I was paid tens of thousands of dollars to play a sport professionally I had once played for free as an amateur! 
 As a result, I had deeper appreciation and welcoming perspective of what was required.

I build relationships with amazing people I still stay in touch with today.

The process to playing pro basketball was difficult because I lacked certainty of what was required at the time. I postponed opportunities to start my CPA (certified public accountant) career and like a poker game pushed ‘all of my chips’ into pursuing pro basketball.

Here’s what I did:

This is what I learned in pursuing pro basketball in a nonconventional way:

1. Had a desired goal and found the success of others to emulate

2. Created a series of steps to follow that increased chances of success

3. Committed to that desired outcome despite getting ‘no’s

4. Applied massive action — (I called hundreds of general managers, team owners and basketball executives.)

You can apply this to your life and your business…basically any important goal you have.

I’ve used a variation of this formula to get a traditional book publishing deal that lead to being published internationally and a bestseller!

We use a variation of this formula for our clients in the EKAnomics Academy as well!

A process increases certainty and certainty increases the likelihood of getting the results you want in life.

Good luck to the new players fortunate enough to be drafted in this years NBA draft.

You’re in a very small class of the best basketball players on the planet — don’t forget that process increases certainty. So created a process for what you want.

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