They All Want Your Eyeballs (SnapChat included!)

Are you on SnapChat? If not, they want you back!

Don’t know if you heard but Time Warner (the parent company of CNN and other media outlets) threw SnapChat a much needed lifeline recently.


They signed a $100 million deal with SnapChat to produce and provide branded content.

In other words, Time Warner wants to win the millennials and cool kids back to its digital properties. (Good Luck!)

There’s good news and bad news –

This is bad news for SnapChat because unlike Facebook, their advertising platform isn’t open and available to the average small business or influencer. So they are still losing money every quarter focusing on larger and older media properties for revenue sources.

The good news for you is there are tons of opportunities for you to build your platform and audience. Building your platform means, you can build potential customers that will buy from you!


Well, you can live stream on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and Periscope. There are also blogs and other short form content platforms available. The key is following a process!

You no longer have to wait for CNN, NBC, ABC, Wall Street Journal or your local paper to feature your business in a news story. Then wait for the customers to show up.

I hear skepticism — (I can sense it while you read this post)!

In 2016, I used Periscope to generate $3k+ in 5 days of live stream promotion! Not saying you’ll do the same, nor selling anything here…but it’s possible to build your business & brand with your content.

I only want to open your mind to the potential of your voice, your platform and your opportunity!

That’s how I know.

How do you start?

Simple — start now…today.

Doesn’t have to be perfect, you just have to start.

Here are a few tips to creating your own content that works:

1. Pick one platform to focus on. If you like video, then focus on creating short form (10 mins or less) video.

2. Be consistent! It’s easy to put it off a day. That day becomes a week, month, year, you get the picture!

As my friend and media expert Hank Norman says “Just press record and share your message!”

All of these content platforms are looking for content providers…like you!

Start now and be consistent.


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