Your Reality can be Bigger than anything you ever Dreamed of!

From Instagram

Instagram was the provider of an important lesson today!

“Your reality can always be exponentially greater than the dreams that birthed them!”

1. I never imagined that when I was pitching my book proposal to publishers and literary agents 4 years ago that my book would not only be published in the US but would be a best seller in a country I’ve never even been to.

2. I never imagined that my life experiences of success and failure could be use to inspire others to take the entrepreneurial plunge….to inspire others to be in control of their own economy and to believe their ideas of freedom matter.

3. I never imagined that I would be able to use my life as an example of what is possible instead of what’s impossible.

Below is a picture of my book “Start Me Up!” translated into Indonesian and posted by a reader (Juan) who now realizes that:

“I must start what I have dreamt!”

I can’t express into words how humbling that is to me.

I realize you all have the freedom to read what you want and spend your time as you see fit…..and you chose to spend some with me.

That fact is never lost on me…

I value your attention, I appreciate it and respect it.

I always dreamed about writing a book to help others. Like Juan from Indonesia, I had to start what I once dreamed!

I received over 260 “No’s” from publishers and literary agents. I was unrelenting and obsessed with this goal. I would have been happy with a publishing deal but this has been better than anything I could have imagined.

I never realized the magnitude and the responsibility of doing so. I now realize that your reality can be exponentially greater than what you ever dreamed or imagined.

You just have to start! Just the first step!

What are you dreaming to do?

Comment below!

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