Pack Up and Move On: 3 Signs Your Relationship is Over

You have been here before. You have that uncomfortable feeling in your gut because you don’t know if you should walk away or stay and fight. Should you work on this thing that seems to be breathing its last breaths or put it to rest peacefully? So, how do you know that it’s time to let go of a love you thought was forever. Here are 3 signs that your relationship is over.

The first sign that one or both of you have stopped fighting for the relationship. This means that when issues come up that would normally be addressed, it is never discussed. Couples at this point of a relationship often say they are tired. Too tired to put in the work required to keep the relationship going. At the point where you feel no longer interested in working to keep the relationship, it is probably time to move on.

Sign number 2 is communication has fizzled to mere pleasantries. Couples that want to be together show interest in their partner. While many couples tend to get into a routine, there is still time set aside to spend together trying new things and getting to know more about each other. When the relationship is ending, individuals stop investing in the other person and no longer care to stay connected.

Many women spend the last few months of a relationship preparing for it to end. They stop complaining and begin to work on getting themselves together. They start preparing for life after the relationship. This is one of the reasons so many studies show that women deal with breakups better than men. If you find yourself becoming more distant and more enthusiastic about creating a separate life than one with your partner, you may be participating in the last sign.

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