If we all are not free, none of us is free.— Ida B. Wells-Barnett.
WHY DO (pale-skinned) IMMIGRANTS — many of whom are designated as “white” — BELIEVE THAT THE USA — a society that supports, and enables, the most deplorable kinds of behavior — IS THE GOOD LIFE?

Black and white are knot-races that have always been States Of Mind. The ongoing oppression of richly melanated people is acceptable to pale-skinned immigrants who are instructed to check the box next to the word: white. Many of these foreign-born immigrants are beginning to realize that they may never be alright; neither will they be “all white.”

Sadly, those who recently stepped onto America’s golden tarmac will never know how blessed they are to have failed “the tissue test.” Those more colorful immigrants who were told to maintain their accents so as not to be confused with “those lazy blacks” are learning that a sullied soul can also be a poor man’s reward. Deplorably, these kind of choices are a modern day translation of: “I will give this all to you, if you will kneel down and worship me.” (Matthew 4:9) Perhaps, in this — The Present Daze — the only advice worth giving is: “Don’t die.”

Life is The Master Teacher. KnowBody knows. KnowThing lasts forever.

No situation can be all bad. Similarly, nothing can be all good. If your belief system [i.e. religion] condoned slavery; it is still immoral. Tradition, dogma, literature, and fantasy have each played a communal role in accelerating spiritual growth and development. This Universe demands balance on a number of levels and in several domains — simultaneously.

Few people have stopped to think twice before buying into the belly of this beast that is not completely of their own making. And, maybe, just in time, EveryBody may learn that sometimes when you win; you lose and sometimes when you lose — you win. The vain credo called [white] male supremacy is a narcissistic, [self and group] destructive, mindset that swells the pale ego while promoting war in every greedy, consumer driven, society. The judge-knot associated with lest-you-be-judged is a problem with words that is played out individually, and globally. In this, The Present Daze, the only exit left is through the demon’s ass.

American society is in the process of actualizing living lies that are now being rebranded as “alternative facts.” The American people are struggling with every oppressive form of the word: “wait.” In the divided states, the “illusion of truth” continUse to carry far more weight than documented fact. The evils of capitalism allow this society to profit from a [black slave] prison industry while enabling many of its “free citizens” to become the worst kind of people imaginable who still struggle, desperately, to maintain white [male] supremacy. This blind-dead, ongoing, mastery of a form of mental white-out has weakened even the need for actual fact. Prepare for The Shunning of [white] America. It will be called 20202 Vision.

Time is the greatest of all snitches.

This Age of Aquarius has warmed up nicely. What was America lacking in the 1960s? There was this new thing called television. IT served the purpose of announcing the rebirth of an ongoing revolution. The revelation will be televised as we practice personal and group response-ability for buying into that super-sized, white-washed, planet-killing vision. In this, The Present Daze, social media — when coupled with historical facts and primary documentation — has become a widely used form of expression.

SuperAquarians, like Shakespeare, Lincoln, FDR, Oprah, Alice, and Rosa would probably all agree that this Age of Aquarius has only just begun. A child of the 60s, I still believe that Hope floats; Justice endures and that Truth must always rise. Social media will allows us-all to be heard. SuperAquarians, like Shakespeare, Lincoln, FDR, Oprah, Alice, and Rosa would probably all agree that this Age of Aquarius has only just begun. This triple Aquarian can see why and how this society is to become privy to the righteous anger of every kind of voice — in every kind of way.

Truth still rises. EveryOne can feel the need for a more communal sense for integrity. Some people will continU to lie outright because Truth is not in them. Some will make the phrase “cognitive dissonance” a common way to describe an American. Many of the Otherz will just say “the devil is a liar;” a phrase kin to an ongoing reality that the “white man speaks with forked tongue.” Those who manifest the most severe mental illness will attempt to shift, rebrand, and place blame while creating “alternative facts.”

Time will tell because Time must tell.

His story has never been more than a book. Appeasement will never create balance and a friendly silence still remains the conscious choice of an unconscious coward. The reality of Truth, and the need for Justice, have become fallback fact. More people are diss-covering the new use of a fake term: “fake news.” Taking a knee is not about patriotism. Taking a knee is all about respect for yourSelf. Taking a knee is about integrity. Either you integral, or you are not.

As Truth rises anyway; every day — in every way, this latest abuse of power will not allow politicians and television executives to achieve their latest goal: Make EveryThing A Lie. Many More People are showing an interest in knowing about what was always there; right before their bright, blue, eyes. Truly, a last resort; this tactic is an atomic bomb of mutually assured destruction. Really — MAD — a return to seeing everything as black or white.

Although The Blind Dead must see what they want to see, and hear exactly what they were taught to already know, “a little bit pregnant” will never become a reality. One hope is that The Blind Dead will look up for their help and seek out a definition of the word: integrity. Perhaps, en masse, in pink-hatted delightenment, more people will call for Truth, Justice, and, another kind of American way.