Hillary Clinton and the White Women Who Lynch Us
Ahmad Greene-Hayes

Time waits for KnowOne.

Neither does Time nor tide wait for [white] women. The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world. Time is the greatest of all snitches. As every society becomes what IT will, The All-of-it becomes some more of IT whether you let IT or “knot.” For much of America, The All-of-it looks, and feels, like: [1] white guilt [2] white shame, and [3] white anxiety. Ask yourSelf if chronic depression is a need for spiritual debt relief.

In this, The Present Daze, who actually will drain the swamp? Perhaps, while mastering response-abillity women, who must call themselves “white,” should step up, and lick the plate clean. If you must publicly announce yourSelf as ”nasty,” you just oughta be draining that swamp every day, and in every kind of way.

Truth rises anyway; in every way — every day. EveryBody can only be who we is. Forgiveness, like imperialism, is a play with power that Many More People are refusing to heed. The Blind Dead see what they want to see, and hear what they already know. EveryOne is the energy put into the world that comes home to us-all — and as you — as group karma, and individual karma, in a number of domains, and on several levels— simultaneously.

A white supremacist credo continUse to oppress the same slave labor forced to build this nation. As the future of innocence is betrayed by The Private Prison Industry, “from-now-on” is handed out — freely — to an enslaved prison population. Time tells. Time is the greatest of all snitches; especially where there is an overabundance of greed, lust, and primary documents.

Time tells because Time must tell. [White] America has long been running on borrowed time. The average American man needs “a pill to come, and a pill to go.” A white supremacist credo continUse to oppress, and terrorize, the same people kinds of people forced to build this nation. Will a trickle-down mindset allow [white] America the time needed to act-knowledge her role in The All-of-it?

ITz Been A Long Time Comin’
Soon enough, we will grow enough and have had enough.
Soon enough, we will know enough to say enough is enough.
Soon enough we will know enough to give thanks for the knowledge that becomes won with — US.
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