Are We Great Yet? (1/25/17)

First week of the new administration leaves much to be desired

Many of you are out there thinking you don’t have a dog in this fight. You were Republicans and thus anything the GOP and Donald Trump’s Many, Many, Many, Many Ties to Russia may accomplish has no bearing on your life, but I suspect you will come to realize how wrong you are.

Not right now, of course, because you are still aglow with his ascent to the White House.

But, if you aren’t paying attention or depending on your Whiteness to keep you safe, you may want to have someone hold that beer and read these collections of articles talking about just how far our Great Orange Leader is prepared to go to increase his personal wealth.

You can watch the opening moves where he is preparing his path to cement his control over entire industries, and leave you stuck with the externalities, the hidden costs and residue of his changes to the economic, social and environmental fabric of the world with his personally chosen Legion of Doom and the Congress of Inept Millionaires at his beck and call.

Yes, go ahead and call me an alarmist, name me your personal Cassandra if you must, but one of the reasons I write science fiction is to predict things just like this. And I am not the only person whose done this... See: George Orwell — 1984 (oops, too late. It’s all sold out in stores. Perhaps you can read a copy AFTER the Trumpocalypse.)

Yeah, go buy a copy of the book or dare I say it, go to the library.

From the Good, the Chad and the Ugly

From my friend and meme-maker, Chad McDonald, over at the Good, the Chad and the Ugly

“In just six days, Donald J. Trump has begun to dismantle Obamacare, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Planned Parenthood, while disparaging our intelligence agencies and cozying up to Vladimir Putin, as Kellyanne Conway andSean Spicer brazenly lie from The White House.

Now we find out journalists covering dissent have been arrested, and are preparing for the announcement of building the wall, hardline immigration regression and a possible Muslim travel ban.

It’s not “It begins.” It’s “happening now.”

— with Sean Spicer, Donald J. Trump, Reince Priebus, Hillary Clinton, Fuck Donald Trump, Kellyanne Conway, Obamacare, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and No Dakota Access Pipeline Global Solidarity Campaign.”

Graphic by the great Steve Thamer!

AJ+ is tracking Trump’s descent into an authoritarian dictator with the power to destroy the world and apparently the desire to profit while it burns. They promise their Trump Tracker broadcasts will let us know just what terrible things he has accomplished since the last time we looked. (Al Jazeera Media Network, 2017)

My personal spin…

on the current administrations issues are diverse, and people have accused me of not being sympathetic to the incoming administration. But given five or six days since his inauguration, I am not yet convinced I was wrong with my very first posts of the Pre-Trump Administration.

If anything, it appears I erred, giving the administration more compassion than they are currently showing…


Post-Election, Pre-Inauguration



Is this all you need to read? No. But when I find something I think you should take a look at, I will put a shout out. Get a load of these I post on my Facebook group: Resisting Kakistocracy!

Over at the Rantt (Speaking Truth to Power) they’re planning on keeping an eye on The Great Orange One and his administration, reporting in-depth perspectives on the effects of his decisions on your way of life. Add them to your must-read list.

Finally, the Netherlands has offered a video to help us keep Trump in the proper perspective, utilizing an excellently humorous, and satirical approach appealing to his vanity as the leader of the free world…

If you plan on mocking someone, be this goddamn brilliant…

To the Netherlands, I salute your comedic writers of this sketch and hope you will continue to be a light in a world growing darker by the hour.

Thaddeus Howze — The Answer-Man

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