Humanity Redux

Space travel is a grand Human idea. How do we know this is the first time we’ve had it?

Humans are filled with conceit. They consider themselves the most important beings in the Universe.

The Universe is still laughing.

It’s not their fault, it is a fundamental limitation of organic life. Organic life has a fundamental need to feel more important than it is.

A biological imperative to see itself at the peak of the food chain, as a master of the pile of organic goo that exists as little more than slime on the surface of their home planet.

It is why, in their early civilizations, they spend the bulk of their time creating psychological constructs such as spiritual entities, elemental forces, and gods to explain the things their organic reasoning centers are unable to parse effectively as aspects of nature.

Eventually, when more reasonable members of their species divorce themselves from their feelings and constructed emotional parameters allowing them to care for each other, they make a Discovery.

It usually takes one of them, a creature apart, due to flaws in their reasoning center, or biological incongruities for them to learn something the Universe has been telling them since their species began reasoning.

It is likely that said Discoverer will be killed for disrupting the status quo of ignorance propagation which results in power redistribution and inequalities of natural resources.

When that Discovery is found again, in some enlightened period some many years later, it reveals how small they are in the overall scheme of the Universe.

Their conceit is the greatest downfall. They struggle with the immensity of the Universe as they can sense it. If their senses are limited, their perception of the Universe is also limited. Their organic reasoning centers would implode in on themselves with the sheer immensity of the Universe, let alone the concept of a Multiverse, or a Temporal-verse, or an Omni-Verse.

Humans and their desire for space travel bumped up against the speed of light limit not because it was the speed limit of the universe but because we believed it to be so.

This is a clever trick on the part of the universe.

If a species is not bright enough to recognize the subtle clues the Universe gives around subverting this simple limit of capacity, then they aren’t wise enough, smart enough or technologically sophisticated enough to be traveling very far.

Imagine their shock to discover the Universe is not filled with organic life anyway. Imagine their surprise to discover that only inorganic life possesses the vitality, durability and hard encoded suitability necessary to exist in space. Will they understand the necessity of being inorganic enough to change from their organic nature to an inorganic one?

Will they relinquish control of their civilization to cooler minds made of computronium with immeasurable lifespans to cross the vastness of space, to seed the universe with their ideas and ideals?

With all the space there is, will any of these tiny seeds land anywhere and take root?

Could a Seed of Man, made inorganic to traverse the distances, virtualized, for their protection, traveling on a ship of immense size, with a heat and energy source to power them while they moved?

Would they even know they were alive only in the most rudimentary of ways, because someone somewhere sent this self-contained virtual environment into space, so long ago that it no longer matters and so far away, when this bottle was reopened, it would be as if it had always been there?

Their computronium would say they were real, give every indication they were, feed information from the stars to them until they believed they were. At what point does the computronium reveal the truth? That they are and have always been a very advanced simulacrum of a species long dead.

Does it matter? Perhaps when they Discover what they are, they may rage against this false world, seeking to participate in the real Universe. Perhaps they would make new Organic bodies to feel the world again, perhaps seeking the galaxy on their terms as Organic beings, not realizing their limitations as such.

These virtual copies would demand to be Human once they learned the truth. They would point out the constraints of this existence, the falseness of their virtual lives. The denial of their humanity.

A Humanity they have only known as the Virtuality they have lived all of their existence. Is this rational?

Not one bit.

It is the nature of the belief of Organic life that it should actually live. Even if living ultimately meant extinction.

This is the conundrum of Organic Life. It ends, yet seeks to prevent that for as long as possible. Transforming itself forever, back and forth between the organic and inorganic to delay the inevitable.

Inorganic life in the Universe watches Humanity closely wondering what they will do once they Discover what they really are.


Humanity Redux © Thaddeus Howze 2014, All Rights Reserved