“President Trump” is an Oxymoron

Wishing this were the setup to a bad joke…

Thaddeus Howze
Apr 13, 2017 · 2 min read
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I am hopeful this message

helps the understanding why the two words

“President Trump”

is all but the greatest of oxymorons.

In every sense of that word you can imagine.

Those two words make expressions like

“military intelligence” or “corporate benevolence”

seem almost sage-like in comparison.

Trump is an embarrassment

to every American ideal.

Hell, Trump is an embarrassment

to every American.

Even those who have committed egregious sins,

the horrors of her use of “word-salad sorcery” for instance

even folk like Sarah Palin

Mistress of that dark linguistic art

could hide their faces in legitimate shame.

His every act reflects on you.

His every misstep reflects on the world.

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