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Okay, a tiny bit of shame but since someone asked…

Thaddeus Howze
Apr 14, 2016 · 3 min read

My speculative fiction has appeared in a variety of anthologies.

  • Awesome Allshorts: Last Days and Lost Ways (Australia, 2014),
  • The Future is Short: Vol. I and II (2013, 2014),
  • Visions of Leaving Earth I and II (2013, 2014),
  • Mothership: Tales of Afrofuturism and Beyond (2014),
  • Genesis Science Fiction (2013),
  • Scraps (UK, 2012),
  • Possibilities (2012).
My favorite little superhero preparing for Halloween…

Comic Historian on

  • I have a created an array of superhero-themed writing about their histories, powers, comparisons and analyses of the industry and its creators.
  • I also write on real scientific ideas including stellar phenomena and cosmology.
  • I’ve written articles on the craft of writing, as well as peppering a few short pieces of science fiction and fantasy writing there.

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I am writing furiously to get more Clifford Engram, Paranormal Investigator into people’s hands as well as numerous other speculative fictions accessible here on Medium including these running serials:

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