Writers to Follow: October 2016 Edition
Clay Rivers

Warm Fuzzies for All My Friends

the acknowledgement of one’s community does matter

Thank you for including me Clay Rivers along with your list of other luminaries. Ezinne Ukoha, Heather Nann, SF Ali, H. Nemesis Nyx, alto, John Metta, Todd Hannula 🤓 and umair haque are among my favorites here already. They are empathetic, visionary, and wildly capable writers.

You sir, have a discerning eye for talent. There are plenty of others as well, diamonds hidden among the dross. I will be adding the others to my reading list today.

If there was anything I could offer such capable writers, it would be to find new ventures for your works. There are places out there in desperate need of such skill. But it won’t come to you. You will have to find it.

I am sad to say I have been unable to be as creative as I would like due to stressors beyond my control. I am ever hopeful I can pull it together as I expand my writing opportunities in new ventures. Such talents here should be doing the same.

Good luck to you all.