Grief…a Teenagers perspective

2. Don’t Look Back In Anger

Anger, my new best friend. Such a wonderful strong all encompassing emotion. I’m enjoying this stage as now I’m saying exactly how I feel whereas in the past I’ve always bitten my tongue or shied away from confrontation. No longer! Confrontation — bring it on! To arguing with my Mum for not washing my clothes (again!!) to telling my delinquent sister exactly how I feel about her selfish behaviour since our Dad died. No one is safe, apart from my devoted pets Sylvester, Raggles and Blaize who tolerate my outbursts and still let me pat them after. Also anger towards my Dad. If only he had taken better care of himself. If only he hadn’t made me angry the last time I saw him so that my lasting memory is that I didn’t hug him goodbye. If only he hadn’t died alone. If only we had known sooner. If only, if only.