Grief…a Teenagers perspective

1. Cry Me A River

When I lost my dad suddenly I never realised my body had an endless supply of tears that it literally felt I could cry a river. Waking up the first morning after “the day” there is a few seconds between sleep and fully waking up where you think it was all just a horrible nightmare. But then it all becomes a harsh reality and you realise that one of the most important people in your life is dead and there is no bringing them back. I wish someone had warned me that with my Dad’s death would follow so many other “deaths”. Death of friendships, death of family relationships and death of my identity as it once was. When you lose a parent you lose half of what made you who you are. You feel lost, angry, guilty and above all completely numb. The numbness is actually really good as it gives your heart that tiny space in time to completely shatter into a million tiny fragments and then ever so slowly start to stitch itself back together in a way it never was with gaps that can never be filled.