Does It Have To Be White To Be Right?

Why are people so reluctant to accept that much of what we consider social norms and acceptable practice are based on the institutional foundations of White Supremacy?

We measure cultural practices that do not fit into white social constructs as exotic or in terms of negating their relevance as abnormal.

We use whiteness as the yardstick for civility all the while discouraging acknowledgement of European barbarity and hostility.

We assume an ideal of superiority and intellectual prowess when in reality our advantages are dependant on the oppression and suppression of peoples and cultures that do not identify as white.

We constantly refer to non white cultures as “other” instilling divisive and exclusive ideologies that hinder the progression of humanity evolving into a homogenous and equitable environment for all.

We are more invested in protecting white privilege and subjecting those same “others” to inferior positions of servitude than we are in dismantling this system founded, practiced and propelled into a state of continuation through policies and procedures that are implemented to keep us seperate and ignorant of the suffering our assumed superiority imposes upon others.

We marvel at the bias histories that perpetuate a conquerors image of whiteness when in reality our apparent strengths are situated in our inhumane and tyrannical treatment of others.

Every achievement born of the loss of those we illustrate in servile or infantile positions.

We stress our dominance yet practice a fragility in terms of harsh truths and in most cases only those who proudly demonstrate their affinity for White Supremacy are willing to acknowledge our own lack of civility and humanness.

We expect to be catered to. We lust to be idolized. We are being fed a utopian image of ourselves whilst discriminating against the truths and histories of those that are not provided the luxury of complacency and privilege.

Is it really such a grand gesture to recognize the humanity and strengths of those who don’t fit into your preordained construct of normal or acceptable?

Can you extend this without diminishing another’s perceived value?

Without using the white social norm as the measure?

Do you feel slighted when non white cultural practices are revered or do you validate them only when perceived as profitable?

I’m just struggling with how to approach inequalities and oppressions in the face of a gluttonous ideology that consumes the hurts of others and sees only material profit as the measure for value.

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