When People Demand That We Be ‘Harder’ and ‘Stronger’
Son of Baldwin

Great piece. I personally believe the justification of violence is ingrained in us from upbringing. Being smacked or beat for doing wrong as a child. The child learns to control behaviour out of fear of abuse only to lash out abusively against peers when they feel they are the dominant one. This is perpetuated through this win/lose mentality in society. We dont value the efforts as much as the assumed prize. We dont value the kid who struggles in class but tries his hardest as much as we value the A+ student who has an affinity for academics. We grade them, in all areas of schooling to create a win/lose mentality where your worth is determined by others rather than being coached as individuals who are unique and have unique skills. We rally to fights and mock and jeer the opponents as if its a public beheading feeling superior as bystanders just seething with bloodlust to see another person lose or win. We VALUE violence, from sports to war. We see violence as a tool to teach or extract something from another, even if we are simply just reaffirming our assumed sense of superiority.

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