You Can Keep Your Baddie Aesthetic, I Prefer Hood Girls
Antonia George

I applaud your expressing yourself on this issue. I’m a white girl who inappropriately misappropriated black culture in my youth.

Growing in up in a predominantly black area and being drawn to black american art and trends i desired to embody the images shown to me through media never once thinking of how this may offend.

I find now, now that I’ve exposed myself to Black Power ideology, that I was so keen to adopt these cultural traits but not driven to adopt the struggles and disenfranchisement that you described that led to their arisal.

Ive been called Queen and Sista and these days remind those who share these terms of endearment with me that they may be inadvertantly disrespecting the true sisters who are due the respect and acknowledgement being provided me.

Although I do accept the compliments I wish to pay heed to the pioneers and not encourage the practice of misappropriation you describe.

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