This is US
Etienne Rodriguez

It seems many white people are more invested in protesting their innocence than actually protesting white supremacy. Sheilding themselves from the accusations of complicity and complacency than defending those most at risk. White Supremacy is an institution of power that promotes neglect and it is the foundation of Western society. Im very aware of the subtleties as well as overt upholding of white supremacist ideology in society being I am white and many whites feel emboldened by our common cultural identity to practice racism in my presence without fear of accountability. We, whites, created and continue to benefit from white supremacy and it is our responsibility to shoulder the burden of its degrading and destructive practice. We need to use our privileges to propel the voices of those most at risk and make a concerned effort to educate ourselves out of our fragile stupor which condones the continuation white supremacy in practice. We need to challenge and combat its grip on what we consider social norms and value the experiences and histories of those who have been determinedly fighting white supremacy in the face of reprisals and retribution. Whites are afforded the luxury of ignorance having never been the target of direct racial discrimination and we need to acknowledge the efforts of those denied the ease of anonymity and build on their strengths to rally in a determined protest against the systemic practice of white supremacy in all areas of society.

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