Profitable Poverty — A Work In Progress

How can I recline in assumed comfort with infinite privilege and assurance of provision if it’s all dependant on the oppression and suppression of my fellow man?
How can I consider myself stronger after navigating my way through this mire of corruption and isms if in reality there are children in this world who toil harder than I’ve ever deigned to?
How can I consciously subject my fellow man to a life of subjugation which provides me trivial conveniences when all the while they are simply struggling to provide their next meal? A meal that is not guaranteed despite exhausting labours.
How in sweet fuckery have we convinced ourselves that human rights are only relevant when we are personally subject to discrimination?
Right now I’m using a tablet which has cobalt in it which predominantly originates from the Democratic Republic of Congo where children as young as 7 are forced to mine cobalt to provide those of us privileged enough the convenience of a smart device. I’m drinking coffee quite possibly sourced through unfair farming initiatives where peoples labours are not considered as worthy as that of my own resulting in lower wages which feeds the cycle of poverty which then has those same people perceived as lesser of a persons. I have a Newspaper in front of me with a headline stating “Big Guns To Blast Jihadists Off The Streets” after which the article claims the Australian Defence Force has the power to unleash strict and unforgiving reprisals against suspected terrorists, all the while knowing, through lived experience that our communities are at a real threat of being exploited, corrupted, intimidated and infected by organized gangs who thrive on the oppression, fear and addictions of civilians. I’m sitting at a cafe positioned in an upmarket area of my community where rents are so high that only those fortunate enough to afford them can trade and reside. Meanwhile First Nations People are subject to discrimination in all areas of society and forced to pay rents on their own land that is under the illegal occupation of the majority white governments and citizens. I’m watching traffic as I recline drinking coffee observing how these same cars are fuelled through the Wests dependence on oil and our expectation it be provided at a price we deem affordable which encourages conflict and less than fair compensation for labours in the lands this oil originates from. I live in a holiday destination on the Sunshine Coast in Australia, Maroochydore, a name that comes from the Aboriginal indigenous Yuggera language word 'Muru-kutchi’, meaning red-bill: the name of the black swan, which I have never seen in the area. Through personal interaction in the community there is a disregard and common practice of discrimination against First Nations People here from the majority white community who tout stereotypical impressions of the traditional care takers of these lands. I was raised in Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, where there is a large Koori community and it was not until I moved here to this area to be closer to family that I was exposed to some of the slurs commonly used by racists to describe First Nations People with no regard for the fact that we are imposing ourselves upon lands that were once thriving with abundance of natural wonders and wildlife which have depleted rapidly since invasion. Now, the natural beauty that remains is marketed to those affluent enough to afford to observe them and “owned” by people who have adopted the belief that as long as it is profitable it is permissable. A couple of years ago it was uncovered that there was a large illegal prostitution ring in this area where mainly Asian women were being forced to provide sexual services against their will having their passports taken from them and right to refuse being subjected to such abuse hindered through the prevalence of intimidation meted out by criminal organizations that thrive on the oppression of those unable to defend themselves. Just as in many areas of Australia, the drug Ice, an amphetamine, is commonly trafficked here. The ingredients are commonly sourced from South East Asia and other Asian countries where regulations on distribution of pharmaceutical products are not as strict as our own. Australia is one of the worlds largest consumers of illicit substances regardless of the fact the we have a mere 24 million people population. Marginalized communities are directly targeted by criminal networks to cook, distribute and consume these substances. Nobody is immune to the intimidation and retribution metered out by these organizations who ruthlessly dominate the community with little to no accountability from law enforcement. Those of us subject to their infamy are merely pawns and many feel so ostracized that they recklessly risk their welfare in an attempt to climb the oppressive food chain that sees each of us as fodder for the tyrants empirical command.
Bombs are being dropped on innocent people in other parts of the world to keep this well oiled machine of oppressiveness operating in an endeavor to keep us divided and subject to ideologies that encourage a “superior” / “inferior” mentality that discourages collectively and inclusively recognizing each others humanity and pricelessness. The sacredness and sanctity of human life is a distraction from the percieved gains of exploitation and we are all thriving on the oppression of peoples subject to corrupt and manipulative policy and procedure.

(I would like to build on this premise in the future but Im very impatient so am publishing, all grammatical errors included. If you feel moved or inspired to contribute to this piece feel free to bite off as much as you can chew as my intention is to provoke people to try and create a better reality whereby we are less dependant on oppression)

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