Share The Meal

My government has just released it’s new budget and among many nasty suprises, but one that didn’t get any airtime at all in the media, was the cuts to international aide for two years starting next year.

Basically Australia will be suspending all humanitarian aide in 2018.

Nobody seems to care either.

Trumps ‘Muslim Ban’ effectively halved the refugee intake and they also proposed cuts to humanitarian assistance.

The UN reports that it needs 1.4 Billion just to counter the widespread famine and destruction in South Sudan alone, a country that has only existed for 6 years and has been ravaged by civil war for the last 3.

Yemen and Somalia are facing severe famine also, something you may be aware of with Colin Kaepernicks fundraising over a million dollars to send food directly to Somalia.

Our consumption of fossil fuels impacts climate change, something Trump has eluded to not believing in, yet climate change creates severe weather conditions, impacting communities through drought and flood, creating famine and devastation which results in people fleeing and seeking refuge and assistance.

I hear people complain of the fact that many humanitarian agencies use a percentage of donations for admin purposes and this deters them from donating.

Other people say they prefer to donate to local causes as we also have problems.

But lets be serious.

We dont have 20 million people on the brink of starvation and we CAN afford to spare a few dollars for a meal.

The World Food Program has a great app called “Share The Meal” where you can donate as little as $3.50 which will provide a weeks worth of food to a child in a famine stricken region. You don’t have to commit to any kind of ongoing payment and it’s really easy to navigate. (Just google ‘Share The Meal’ and you can see how easy and efficient it is)

I just wanna ask.....
Do you donate to charities?
If so, why?
If not, why?

I wonder, because it seems we are going to have to use our privileges as individuals to create a better reality for others to a greater degree than relying on governments to intervene if we continue down this dark path of selfishness and bigotry that has us denying much needed compassion towards those less fortunate.

(And I am aware that I have greater welfare assistance here in Australia compared to many of you in the States. I’m not trying to downplay any injustices you or people you know may face.)

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