Charlottesville As Living History
Cory Kuklick

We, whites, need to be identifying, combatting and challenging white supremacy just as avidly as it is practiced and protected. We benefit from an ingrained anonymity that provides us the luxury of complacency and we are condoning the continuation of white supremacy in practice if we refuse to take responsibility for the privileges it grants us and the social, economical and political institutions of advantage born of its percieved normality. Charlottesville was no more than an open public display of an ideology that seeks the detriment and disadvantage of non white identity groups to prop up white privilege and discredit the progress born of those brave souls who not only face the true risk of white supremacy daily but choose to, with integrity, challenge it. We need to educate ourselves out of this ignorant stupor that has us defending our assumed innocence and take responsibility for enabling white supremacy through our lack of compassion and empathy. We need to let go of our egocentric ideals of entitlement and acknowledge our complicity which emboldens white supremacy in practice.

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