White People : Remove Ego In Your Efforts To Combat White Supremacy

So I’ve come to realize that ego plays a large role in our expressions and beliefs. What we determine to be right and wrong usually serves our ego. This can be said for Anti Racist activists also. It’s easy to become arrogant and egotistical in our activism if we only want our views to be validated or appreciated. We can become aggressive unnecessarily and in effect actual serve as a reminder of what NOT to do in the fight against racism.

Remember, if you are white and participating in the Anti Racist movement, you are a guest. You’ve probably been inspired by the strength and determination of people directly affected by racial and cultural inequality and felt compelled to take up the cross and further this cause in an effort to bring about a better reality for those systemically marginalized and ostracized by the status quo. If you have taken this endeavor seriously you may have recognized the associated risks. Risks I might add that we CHOOSE to subject ourselves to, rather than the risk of simply being of a particular race or culture.

You may have heated discussions where you become so engrossed in trying to get the other person to see YOUR point of view that you lose sight of the objective. Remember, you are trying to eliminate the risks posed to others being threatened for their cultural or racial identity. Ask yourself “How is becoming hostile and aggressive lessening the chances that a racist may threaten or attack somebody?”

Short answer…. Its not.

People who feel the need to openly vilify others based on identity are more often than not determined to hold onto their bigotry and prejudice at any cost. They firmly believe they are entitled to have those beliefs. They may engage in what they term “debate” but realistically there is no debate here. If you consider yourself an Anti Racist and are determined to oppose and expose white supremacy you have no need to argue with people who have no intention of changing. In reality you probably have more chance of provoking them to anger and viciousness as they are less inclined to be empathetic towards people or causes they do not identify with.

This is where our ego comes into play.

We have an ego. This is a fact. When our beliefs are validated or people applaud us or encourage us or we find ourselves admist like minded folk it strokes our egos.

When you find your views being dismissed or challenged or threatened your ego encourages you to be defensive. Persistant. Defiant. Aggressive.

Now ask yourself, how would you feel if the racist you argued with so passionately today to the point of petty jibes and ridicule, what if they attacked somebody afterward? What if they took their frustrations out on the very kind of person you thought you were helping? Ask yourself this because it is a REALITY.

Im not saying DON’T confront racism. I’m saying don’t anatagonate people. These people are dangerous. They have egos too. Being they tend toward stereotypes rather than reason, hate rather than compassion, they are quite likely willing to threaten or attack an individual on the same premise they are arguing with you about.

As I said, as a white person, you are guest in this arena. I’ve learned to identify when I’m being egotistical rather than intelligent. I have, through trial and error, committed the common mistakes of a ‘well intentioned’ whitey, aswell as provoked racists to hateful outbursts in the course of argument where they have felt the need to threaten not just myself but the very people I thought I was defending.

This isn’t a game.

White supremacy is a VERY REAL ideology that people are willing to commit to and act out in REAL LIFE.

If you’ve been taking any notice of the news of late you may have come across the limited coverage on the white supremacist who travelled to NY with the sole purpose of hunting down and killing Black men. He succeeded in killing one before handing himself into police and admitting he intended to kill more.

Maybe you’ve heard of the missing Black girls in DC or the missing Aboriginal kids in Western Brisbane, Australia.

How do we know that those we simply consider racist trolls online or people who identify with the ‘alt-right’ don’t have a secret and sinister agenda to kidnap non white children or adults as a sickening but very possible pursuit.

Let that sink in.

You are dealing with sickos. We already know they twist their stories. We already know they deny facts. We already know they managed to get an openly racist, fascist, elected as leader of the free world. Let your mind actually contemplate what these devils are capable of.

This is not intended as a deterrent. It is a caution.

I WILL NOT tell a non white person what is and is not acceptable for him/herself in terms of behaviour or beliefs. But I will tell people of my own cultural identity what I believe is appropriate or acceptable and I do not believe that antagonating racists to the point where they attack is appropriate or acceptable.

Yes. Continue to fight. Continue to participate in organisations and movements where the objective is to lessen and hopefully eradicate the effects of white supremacy.

Yes. Write your piece where you try to impart helpful advice to others to encourage them to also get involved or continue fighting. Share articles you come across with your immediate circle and advocate online.

Yes. Learn as much as you can from the people this issue directly effects and self research, independantly, sharing what you learn with others in your immediate life.

Yes. Attend rallies & protests.

Yes. Petition your mayors, MPs and congressmen to make this issue relevant.

But please! Don’t become so egotistical as to forget the objective which is to bring about a BETTER reality for those effected rather than increase the chances of somebody being harmed by the racists you argue with which serves no one but your ego.