Blog Post #5

I think that all societies played a significant part in creating our current society. The core elements of what people use to do in the past in able to survive in each time set is methodical to what people do in this era. People still need to work and make money in order to survive the consequences of ignorance in our society and what follows it, However, when people look at the details and theme of each society, they could easily distinguish between them, because humans evolve over time and they develop different ways that change society in the process. I really would like to go back in time when people use to hunt and collect. It would be great to understand how they lived from their point of view and not our perspective regarding their ways of living.

I think that current society has many advantages over other societies such as good communication efficiency, and also better ways to describe imaginations and ideas through the screens, However, in previous societies people had much more respect for earth, and they lived longer and healthier. Let’s take the “hunting and gathering” society for instant, they were more dependent on their physical skills rather than technology to adapt like what it was mentioned in the textbook that, “ They were similar to hunter-gatherers in that they largely depended on the environment for survival” (Open Syntax, 2016). They’ve developed certain ways to be able to function and survive dangers. They made their own weapons to hunt and ways to communicate. They had less concern about destruction made through wars (weapons of mass destruction), and industrialization. It’s important to keep this in mind when developing new ways that make a dramatic change for the current and upcoming generation.

It was interesting to read about the four alienation types that were described by Marx. I’ve experienced many types of alienation in my life. The most notable alienation was when I traveled overseas to study here in the United States three years ago. English was not my first language and it was hard to be alone while trying to communicate and function quickly, however, I managed to learn as fast as possible by speaking to people and by being part of the community. It was a life changing decision, because you would have the opportunity to open your mind to more possibilities and views. It would be easier then to distinguish between right and left. This might not apply to Marx’s “ workers and production” alienation type, however, going to college is being productive, and it feels alienating, because people would spend less time being social to get the job done. That’s how i think the two types of alienation (The one I’ve experienced, and Marx alienation theory) are identical which apply to, “the relationship of the worker to production” (Karl Marx, 1884) alienation type.

I occupy status that would eventually change as time move on. How i function in society decides the fate of my status. My ascribed status are being a young man from Kuwait, and these are stuff that i didn’t have control over. My archived status are what i do which is trying to get a degree and become successful in college to achieve my goals. Being a student in college to build good stage for my career. It’s hard to keep up with the social life while being a student with goals, however, I could still manage to increase my social status by discussing and sharing ideas with others. Also, being a functional part in society helps us build better status for a better future.