Why you are not doing the right thing?

When I first decided to be an online entrepreneur, I was So excited, because I know I have a lot of great things to say

So, I quit my daily job after saving some money for a start, I am not married or have kids so this made it a little easier for me to quit, especially after a series of unfortunate events at work

So, I quit

At first I was afraid, feeling lost, misdirected, have no idea what is going to happen, but I was so excited

I am a book worm, so I kept reading about online marketing, different ways to be successful online, I had some minor experiences before in this field, so this information were not too fresh for me

I have decided to be a writer, sell my self-published books on amazon or on my website, and creating a kick-ass personal development programs, courses and sell it to my customers

So I began so actively, I already had tons of new things to say and add to this field, new creative ways to help a lot of people, I believe I have the edge, because all of my information comes from real place, from actual experience

I know all the questions that run in most of people’s minds when it comes to personal development

So, I kept writing all the time, I was feeling so high, like if I am a channel for awesomeness

I finished my first book, and self-published on amazon, but it didn’t sell any single copy

I kept reducing the price until it reached 0.99 USD, but still not a single sell happened

I was extremely frustrated, felt like a big failure, felt so confused, especially because I had this common old dilemma of (I-not-worthy-enough), which the majority of people have

After a while of frustration, I started again, especially now because I have no choice but to continue and not give up

I made a free promotion on my book, for two days, it will be down to Zero dollars

It made a lot of sells, but not a single page to read

People who downloaded my book, only took the advantage of the free promotion, not because they liked the book, or felt inspired by the description or anything

But who can blame them? We all take advantage of free stuff, this is human nature

So, I kept reading about promoting my book, knew that I must have certain tools for good marketing experience

Having a website, blog, Facebook page, YouTube channel, Facebook Ads, creating a free product to lure people to give me their email addresses, having an autoresponder and creating a list of loyal customers, get help from Fiverr to promote my services and books for potential readers, posting tons of inspiring photos, videos on my Facebook fan page to get people’s interaction, create apps so people can find me easily, … etc.

But also, didn’t make any recognizable success with all of this, not a single copy sold, not one page had read, very few nonactive customers I have

Imagine how much frustration I had in this point, after spending two whole months, day and night, to do all of these stuff

When I ask someone for advice, on Quora or reddit or anywhere, he tells me something like:

“you must have paid ads, this is the main sort of traffic you have to have”

“you must have more of social media platforms, make a lot of ads on them”

“make sure to market your work to only people who are interested”

“have you heard about the 20/80 magical rule, use it to maximize your productivity”

Blah Blah Blah….

So, I kept thinking that I must be doing something wrong, and start to take these people’s advices to spread the (word)

Weeks of constant failing, the same bad results occurred, a massive feeling of disappointment I had

I took some time off, two weeks or so, I couldn’t do any more work on marketing, because I keep feeling bad about my results, this is Sucks

When I was off, I started to analyze my situation, clearly

When you keep trying and meet the same results, so sure there is some sort of hidden message in this

I have to figure it out, what is this message?

And it was really obvious from the begging, maybe from the begging of history

“Who am I to make a lot of people interested in what I am saying? And why they should even listen to me”

I only have written one short book, put only 18 articles on my blog, and I am not active to answer other people’s questions on different platforms of my field

And yet, I expect to sell, and expect them to trust me and be my loyal customers

This is Shit kind of thinking, seriously I have to face myself, and not being afraid to know my weaknesses and flaws

This is the moment I discovered I was thinking and doing shit

Abraham Abdelwahed

Ok, I believe and know that I have something different and valuable to offer, but They don’t know Me, don’t know who I am, so why on earth they will be interested to listen to me?

It makes so much sense, human interaction is all about relationships

So, I must create a name for myself, an edge

Excel in something, do it really good, deliver the value really well, really fast

Even give them more value than they expected, and even if they expect it, I give them more

I have discovered an awful thing…

I did not write any single page of creative content since I started to do Marketing, because I was focusing all my effort to spread the word, but the matter of fact, I did not have a (word) to spread…

People will listen to you, if they know you, if they know that you know what you are talking about, with proof

Doesn’t all of this makes perfect sense to you?

So, I was wasting my time on marketing tools, and forgot all about the main thing, which is the real food

Yes, you have to have these marketing tools, and you should do it well, but leave this to the marketing experts or do only the basic things just for now, and focus entirely on your name, your message, your reputation, your edge, the value that you are introducing and believe that it will be useful to other people

You have to have a word to spread it, give as much content as you can, maybe more than you can, a lot more

Help people on forums, answer their questions on different platforms, put a kick-ass content on your website, know their problems and solve them in your social media pages, not just repost something cool, give them totally free awesome information and infographics, talk to their senses, introduce real different value without selling anything, not just imitating other people’s work

When you have this advantage, people will come to you by choice, willingly to listen to you, follow you and buy from you

Marketing will be a hundred times easier in this case, and thousands of times more efficient

All religions and wise men have say one thing in common, “Do the good, and the good will return to you”

So, do your content really good, and good success will come to you, without even asking

Doesn’t all of this make a Lot of sense to you?

Thank you