What is Ethical Behavior?

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The trolley car problem demonstrates that for many people, ethical behavior is not based entirely on the consequences of an action. For example, some people believe that humans should not flick the switch because it is like playing God. Agreeing with this position, this is like playing God because a human being would be deciding who should live and who should die. It is not up to a person to decide someone else’s fate. A human would be purposely killing the one person if they flick the switch. Whereas if the other five people die, that was an accident and their fate. A person would not be playing God in that situation. Another way to think about this is in a similar situation.Would it be right if a healthy person walks into a hospital and has to die so that they can give their organs to 5 sick patients? No one would think that was right. It would not be fair that an entirely healthy person has to die to implant their organs into five other patients. There is no difference between that and the runaway train. There are many other reasons that flipping the switch would not be a good choice. For example, fliping the switch would also be hard for the five people that where saved. It would be hard for them to live knowing that one person had to basically be murdered in order for them to live. The five people who were saved would most likely have stress disorders, PTSD, and terrible dreams from the traumatic expirience. The trolley car situation is important to think about because it shows what moral behavior for a human being would be.

John Rawls theory of justice might create a more fair society, but it would not be a more desirable one. For example, in Rawls Society, the wealthy would be forced to share a percentage of their wealth. This society may sound more helpful to the poor, but it would not be desirable for the middle class or the wealthy. The poor would benefit from Rawls Society, but the wealthy would not. The rich should not be forced to give their hard-earned money. They should instead give money to the poor out of the kindness of their hearts. Even though John Rawls Society may sound fairer, there is no difference between the privileged and the underprivileged. It is bad that there is no difference between the rich and the poor because this is communism. Communism is not more desirable because many events in history have proven that it never turns out well. In this society, it also doesn’t matter what job you have or how hard you work; everyone will make the same amount of money. Also, excellence should get rewarded. In Rawls society, there would be no connection between being good at something and deserving more. So being good at something or working very hard would not be rewarded. Now, this may sound fair, but everyone has a talent. So there would be no more trophies, titles, or awards. Ultimately, John Rawls Society may seem fair, but it would not be a desirable place to live because of countless reasons.

People have a moral responsibility to help those in need, even if the needy are residing in another part of the world. For example, you could save a life if you donated a little bit of money. The small amount of money you give could pay for a vaccination that could keep a person healthy and save their life. The money could also get a person food, so they do not starve to death. The money can also get a person access to clean water, so they do not die of thirst. If you have many blessings, you should give a percentage of your money to the needy. Also, we have a genuine influence on other people’s lives. If we donate money to the needy, we can influence others to give money too. That way even more needy people get help. If we give money or our time to the needy, we can also save their lives, or help them in many other names. In contrast, some people do not donate money because they think do not feel connected. They do not give money because they believe that someone else will. They also do not understand the sufferings in far-off countries and the effects of what we do to help. Some people are afraid that giving money overseas to help the needy will make them depend on the rich for everything.In conclusion, helping the needy, no matter where they live is a big moral responsibility that we have.

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