Veterans Day

Eric Browning


The veterans assembly was inspiring. Everyone was so respectful of those who served our country and the veterans were extremely welcoming and great to share their stories with us. Veterans are like the superheroes of our country; They help fight and serve for us, and in a way just save the world. The one person that stood out to me was the veteran that talked first. He stood out the most to me because of the stories he told from when he was in war. The veteran had so much to share and so much to give to our school, and he was talking about how someone took a bullet for him, and how much that meant. The speaker occasionally drifted off and started wondering, “why me?”. He was referring to the fact that he was saved instead of someone else. Then he came to realize that it was because he needed to help people, and he came around to appreciate that. The veteran gave a great speech and everyone was ecstatic for him for being emotionally stable enough to actually get up there and do his speech. He was so brave to stand up for our country, and ecstatic that he is still standing now. We also had people come into our classroom and talk about their times as war veterans and it was a great experience. Us students learned so much about all of their stories and they were all great people who served for our country. The whole class also learned a ton, and listening to their stories was like listening to your parents stories when you were little. Everyone paid very close attention and we all learned a lot from the stories. We learned what they went through to serve, how hard it was, and what they did to get through it while somehow keeping a good attitude. It was very hard for them to get through doing what they did, and it was great that they did it the way they did. We all more than appreciated this assembly when it happened, and veterans day at the school was a huge success. Every student that day left with more knowledge than the day before; and veterans day was a terrific day.

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