By Elizabeth Burdette Roberts (text) and John Ray Roberts (photos)

We went on a vacation to San Juan, Puerto Rico in the midst of protests demanding that the governor resign. This is what our trip looked like.

Months ago, my partner and I planned out a vacation — our first real vacation since our honeymoon five years ago. For the first time in five years, we both had full-time salaried jobs and could take two weeks off work without bringing financial ruin upon ourselves. We settled on San Juan, Puerto Rico. It was a place I’d visited and loved back in college, back before Hurricane Maria, before a yearlong power outage, before the current U.S. president threw paper towels into a crowd. My memories of the place from that trip were vague: the constant symphony of coqui frogs, nightly parades leading up to a local election where people threw hard candy from the back of pickup trucks, trying to explain in Spanish to a pharmacist that I had pink eye and needed antibiotics, garlicky and delicious mofongo that was like a mystical dish I would never find again. …

The summer of 2019 is the FIFA Women’s World Cup in France, and in case you don’t follow soccer religiously as I do, you should know that the U.S. women’s team (USWNT) is good, really good. They are certainly better than the men’s team and likely better than 95% of the other teams at the World Cup. They are the defending champions from 2015, and they made their 2019 World Cup debut with a 13–0 win over Thailand. International soccer does not exist on a level playing field and hasn’t transcended economic, racial, and social inequities by a long shot. …

Elizabeth B. Roberts

Aspiring sociologist and writer, admissions counselor, and cat enthusiast. Charleston, SC.

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