Onward: How Starbucks Fought for Its Life Without Losing Its Soul

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I read the preface of the books. Because I wonder why people write books and the purpose of writing the book. I respect writers. Actually I respect all jobs related to words. Because if you use at the right time to words, they can save you. If you use the wrong words they can cause your death. This is all about how to use right words. And it’s a tremendous thing to teach people something with words. As George Gordon Byron said; “A drop of ink may make a million think.” Howard Schultz had wrote this book for his father. Because his father had grew up in a poor place and worked so difficult jobs. This cause is really applaudable. I understood him. Because I feel same things about my family.

As I only went to Starbucks five times, I haven’t realized what the Starbucks team did. I had prejudices against Starbucks. Because people use Starbucks to be a cool in Turkey. My second reason; The Coffees I drank were unwell at all. If we ignore the fact that I don’t like coffee. There is a lots of thing that Starbucks did it. For instance; They did coffee a way of life. After taking the Italian coffee culture and processing the coffee in their own way, they presented the coffee to the world market. Why people choose Starbucks rather than other coffee shop? It must be another reason. Just coffee answer is not enough. This is because of human emotions. They make us feel special. They make amazing work but if we don’t understand what they did, it’s worth nothing.

Another thing I appreciate in Starbucks; They care of their employees. They call their employees a partner. The company’s mission statement clearly explains their values. The Starbucks team do valuable work and want people to consume them.

I’m sure; They are great coffee shops and companies in Italy. however, it is a big success to take the coffee out of the country of passion and market it to the world. If someone do such a wonderful job in Turkey, and I’m so afraid I can not be on the team.

I have a criticise about this book. Why does the company founder write a book about the company? This is a big problem. Because it is not possible for the author to be objective. And readers want to read real Starbucks history. But i don’t know which book tells best Starbucks history. Therefore this book can readable but not perfect.

My favorite sentences of this book;

“We judge ourselves by what we feel capable of doing, while others judge us buy what we have already done” -Henry Longfellow