Bucknell iPhone Drop Down Menu

The design of a mobile app is very important for the success of the app. It must be logically organized, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to use. With the many pages and attributes of modern apps, it is a difficult task to make sure that everything is constructed correctly. In the Bucknell iPhone app, for instance, there is one blaring oversight.

Within the drop down menus of the app there is one hard to see, but unfortunate mistake. The purpose of the dropdown menu is to be able to select an option from a range of different choices. After the option is in bold on the dropdown, there must be a button to click to signal to make the choice.

The error here lies in the difficulty to see the “Done” button as well as the selection arrows “<” and “>”. After searching for it, it can be seen that it is almost undistinguishable form the background.

Although the dropdown menus are fully functional, they are difficult to use until the buttons are found.

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