#Swap Final Report and Demo

The awkward “Who is this” text

The Problem We Chose to Solve:

Our problem was attempting to understand how people connected in social settings. We wished to make it easier for people to quickly exchange contact information and help remove the stress and awkwardness of this common social interaction. There are many situations in which individuals exchange contact information. We chose to look at both social and professional situations. This project was an attempt to streamline the process by which phone numbers are exchanged.

Our team explored the subtleties of exchanging contact information in social situations. The process of giving someone contact information takes more time than seems necessary for such a small amount of information. It has social and relational implications that go far beyond the ten digits of one’s phone number. We analyzed the context of this interaction with the hopes of determining a solution that is more efficient and more accommodating to the users’ needs. We discovered that there was much more to exchanging information than phone numbers, and we wanted to explore how we could integrate this additional information into our streamlined exchanges.

Home Screen of App

Functionality offered:

Our app, #Swap (pronounced “number swap”), offers several different functionalities.

The user has the ability to build their own thoroughly developed profile. They are able to send their profile as a contact bundle in an easy and efficient way through SMS. After a bundle has been sent, the user is also able to save minor details about the recipient into their phone while they await a mutual exchange. The entire app is meant to make it so that the user is able to send their contact to whomever they wish and then save that person’s information simultaneously.

The ability to build a profile is found in the “My Info” screen. The user is allowed to store phone numbers, email addresses, and links to social media profiles in the app so that they can use them later when they are exchanging numbers with people. This information will be saved locally so that it is on their phone ready for use whenever they boot up the application.

Sending contacts is the primary functionality of #Swap. A user will be able to simply type in the other person’s phone number with whom they wish to exchange and click which fields they would like to send to their new acquaintance, such as name, email, etc. This will create what is essentially a personalized electronic business card for them to send to the new contact. The contact will then be built and sent as a text message to the other user. As a result, the recipient does not need to have this app for the exchange to work. However, it is worth noting that if both people have the app, more information can be sent and received.

After a new contact has been sent, the user will be taken to a final screen where they will be asked to optionally save some preliminary information about the recipient. Here, they will have a chance to fill out the new contact’s information. Their name, what time they met, and any extra notes about the exchange can be saved to the sender’s phone at this time. When the user is done here, they are returned to home screen where they can send more contacts if they want.

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