How to reset Tower’s trial period?

I was trying Tower — The Most Powerful Git Client For Mac a few days ago. I really loved it! It’s super fast. It’s super featured; therefore I stopped using SourceTree and switched to Tower. But, one day the trial was over…

As many of you may know that Apple changed the mechanism of changing a user’s details such as username and full name after OS X 10.6 (link). I was suspicious about how an app could recognize a user for its trial protection. I logged in with another user, and then renamed my full name of my main user account. Just my full name. Well, after I logged in back to my account, Tower thought that I was a stranger and it gave me a fresh 30 days right away. Aw, how hospital you are. Anyways, I love Tower so much and it’s interesting to see these kind of bug-like things and help them to patch it in next releases. Well, I’d be happy to be your future beta tester. lol.

By the way folks, is there any other app you experienced the same before?

Note: Tower prevented this from happening with their new release 2.2.1. You may want to download an older release from here:

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