EBT ford. I’m not sure how asking the person in a position to do something to actually do so is the…
Warren Coughlin

Those isolated instances “in his name” are no more or no less on a given day than before anyone knew Trump. The fact is that they are few and far between, but portrayed to be epidemic in the name of creating fear in our young, gullible, impressionable youth. Total nonsense. We are not afraid here. If I was from one of the countries in my post I would be afraid. By the way, what about the damage to property and violence toward people being done by “protesters”? Why is there no outrage or call to action by Obama or Hillary to stop unpeacefull protesting? If they wanted to show real leadership, they would all 3 come out together and try to create a “moving forward together” mentality. Instead “people are scared”. I know a very diverse group of friends who are of color, gay, etc and none of them are scared.

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