Why are people being so defensive about this?
Warren Coughlin

We had 2 very flawed candidates relative to women’s rights and human rights. Their behavior vs. their words is cause for concern but the world is not coming to an end suddenly. To lay blame for the mistreatment of people around the world on one candidate that has not done anything yet is small, petty, and not smart/thoughtful/rational.

How can you “look the other way” where one candidate is concerned? The far right and far left are a very small number of people that are not in my world. Most of us are in the middle living together, accepting each other and won’t be changing anytime soon.

How can this be ignored as a conflict of values surrounding human rights:

Donations to the Clinton Clinton Foundation Over 1 Million Dollars

Saudi Arabia Homosexual acts punishable by Death

Do not allow Christian churches

Kuwait Women not allowed to be judges or prosecutors

No domestic violence laws

Homosexuality illegal — up to 7yrs prison

United Arab Emirates Men have the right to hit their wives

Marital rape not recognized

Same sex marriage illegal

All sex outside marriage illegal

Brunei Marital rape not a crime as long as wife is over 13

Homosexual acts punishable up to 10 years

Qatar Law says wife must obey husband

Muslim homosexuality punishable by death

Oman A woman’s consent is not required to legalize a marriage

Marital rape not recognized

Homosexual acts illegal

Algeria Marital rape not a crime

Homosexual activity illegal

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