Cryptocurrency started a long way back and it has really evolved and appreciated across time. We have seen changes in many aspects of cryptocurrency from Bitcoin to the creation of various other Blockchains like Ethereum,Smart Chain and Tron. Later on, we saw the start of the Solana ecosystem, fantom, avalanche, polygon and the likes. The creation of NFTs started on the Ethereum Blockchain before being made known in other Blockchains including this one we have now on the Solana ecosystem.

The Non Fungible Tokens,For many, NFTs are speculative assets, purchased as investments assuming their values will increase over time, in which case they can be sold at a profit. As such, despite their digital characteristics, NFTs run the risk of being considered “securities” for purposes of their treatment under the law.NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are unique digital assets that can’t ever be replaced.

The metaverse is a proposed expansion to existing internet technologies. Access points for the metaverse include general-purpose computers and smartphones, in addition to augmented reality (AR), mixed reality, virtual reality (VR), and virtual world technologies.
Chain age is a museum built to take us through the epochs of the cryptocurrency space this time using the form of the Non Fungible Tokens.

Various rialto sells digital assets, ranging from written words, video games, pictures, memes, artistic drawings, art collection and so on. But none has based of their value on preserving the integrity of relics that aims to store and display the events that led to the birth of the cryptoverse, the current and future trends to it’s holders.

Chain Age NFTs will be minted on Solana Blockchain and minting on this blockchain is as cheap as it can be and hence, anyone interested in holding this precious relics, need not worry about gas fees.

Chain Age NFTs minted will be released twice every year, starting from the year 2022. This release schedule aims to prevent contradictions that might arise from presumptive foretale of the happenings that might occur in the Cryptoverse.

Every NFT that will be released and stored on Chain Age Museum is going to be unique i.e each will cover all the stories and happenings of the crypto verse. Hence, 50 to 200 NFTs will be released for minting every series and this is done twice a year.

Furthermore, the first series that will be launched consist of three sets of NFTs, which are The Genesis, Drops of Freedom and Heroes of Cryptoverse. The first set aims to reward whitelisted NFT holders on Chain Age Museum. The second set are 100 rare NFTs that will be given out to dedicated participants and lastly, the Heroes of Cryptoverse will be given to individual(s) who have immeasurably contributed their quotas to the continous success of the Cryptoverse.

The team behind the creation of this platform called the 'Observers' will continue to reward those who continously contribute to the development of the Cryptoverse but it should be noted that subsequent series will have only 1 set.

Chain age is the next big thing in the crypto verse


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