Burn it Down

An open letter to my ex

Your love was a reflection on my face: just like a mirror starring back at me, each and every gaze brought me to the reality of how you affected me deep inside.

At the start of it all, everything was perfect, at least so we thought; the beautiful nights out together, the late Friday movies, the lunch dates and all the spent hours of intimacy.

We were young and crazy lovers ready for an adventure and willing to explore our world, albeit naïve sometimes, but in all our flaws we still found strength, the strength to carry each other when our hearts was weary. But now I can barely carry my mind.

You were something to value, like “an original”; as good as they come, at least so I thought. Back then you brought sincerity, care, purity and true love. But now am left with only memories.

You were something to admire, like “a red rose” as beautiful as they come, at least so I knew. You reflected both inward and outward beauty, your presence brought peace and harmony, your voice as cute and calm. But now am left reminiscing.

You were my inspiration, a daily source of joy, you were like my mirror, reflecting love and tenderness, you were the reason I could go out wearing a smile on my face. But now I can only see resentment on my face.

You ruined it all, our dreams and aspirations. You crashed it all, our hopes and purpose. You burnt it all, our future bridges, and right here I am starring at the ashes and wondering why?.

We imagined future scenarios of us together, we wanted designing our own destiny, we envisaged seeing ourselves together in each others arms forever and we hoped our love will be enough. But now all that is left to see is despair.

You told me to move on, and I couldn’t, but guess what? This time am not looking back, this time I found a greater new inspiration. I now realise yesterday was history and tomorrow is a mystery.

If this letter is a symbolism of the love we once shared, I just want you to read it before I burn it down.

Inspired by true events.