The Kavanaugh vs Ford Saga

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Dr ford and Judge kavanaugh both gave their testimonies respectively

‘‘ I attended a party when i was 15 years old, there were 4 boys including Brett and Judge and another boy named TJ, but i can’t recall the other boy’s name they were all at the same gathering. I had just a bottle of beer, but Brett and judge were both drunk. When i went upstairs to use the bathroom i was pushed into a room by someone i never saw, while Brett and Judge locked the door behind. Brett jumped on top of me, started groping me and grinding his body against mine, while his friend Judge stood and watch.. He held my hands and closed my mouth forcefully, At a point i felt so scared he was accidentally going to kill me.’’

She further said:

‘I was 100% sure it was Brett who sexually assaulted me’’

This testimony from Dr. Ford seems powerful in its words and transparent that no one would doubt the genuinity of her case, rather feel sympathetic to her plight. Put aside her professional titles or academic accomplishments, this is a victim of sexual abuse who may have undergone a traumatic experience and depression for several years. Indeed she deserves some praises for her bold step and courage to stand before the world not just a 21 senate judicial committee, but the whole world was watching.

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Dr ford swore under oath before testifying
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Judge Kavanaugh also took an oath during the hearing

‘’My family and my name have been totally and permanently destroyed by vicious and false accusation’’, he said. ‘’This confirmation process has become a national disgrace. The constitution gives the Senate an important role in the confirmation process. But you have replaced advise and consent with search and destroy’.’

Now this was not just a man auditioning for a career position or as a ‘‘job interview’’, rather we saw a man fighting for his life, reputation and family.

“I have never done this to her or anyone, I am Innocent.”

The committee finally came to a compromise, to allow the FBI investigate the incident and bring their report to the senate within a week.

It is your civic duty to speak up

This goes out to all the victims of sexual assault, Dr Ford’s testimony is not only courageous but a message passed across to other women who have been sexually brutalized at some point in their lives.

You are not alone

One of the influences that came out of the hearing was the support and community that have surrounded not only Dr. Ford, but all sexual assault victims. As Dr. Ford’s courageously told her story that day, a plethora of women across the country began sharing their stories for the first time ever. It indicates that as a victim of such assault, you are never alone.

We must be guided

Morality and Politics are two words that don’t get along with each other, but at some point one comes back to haunt the other, especially when it gets to a climax situation. In Brett Kavanaugh’s case, morality is the chief tormentor.

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