Coming Of Age

It is generally assumed that with Age comes with wisdom and experience.

However it should be noted that sometimes only old age comes alone.

If you're past a certain age but still take pride in things you should have dropped a decade ago; you're definitely getting older without getting wiser.

At 8: Boys will brag about how strong/rich Daddy is.

At 18: How many girls they have kissed and beers they can drink.

At 28: How much money they earn

At 38: How big their house/career/business is.

At 48: How smart their kids are (and attribute it to their good genes)

At 68: How smart their grand-kids are.

Different phases. But the same need for one-upmanship, approval and significance.

Just don’t be living a prior stage when you’re gone way past that age. You’ll not gain any bonus points or admiration for that.

Ebuka J. Anichebe