Introducing Autotek Pro, Auto Diagnostic and Repair Information Center supporting Blockchain adoption in Nigeria

Awosika Israel

As the Waves campaign keeps growing gradually in Nigeria, quite a number of individuals and organizations have shown interest in understanding blockchain, cryptocurrency and most especially the Waves Blockchain. One of such organization is Autotek Pro. This organization seems to have studied a lot about the blockchain and working on a way to integrate this great innovation in the business activities, this standing them out as a distinct organization amidst their peers in Nigeria.

The organizations zeal to also see blockchain becoming mainstream and their interest in the Waves Platform has made them decide to join the projects sponsoring the Waves Fantasy Premier League project, this commitment they have done by supplying T-shirts to be distributed to the outstanding managers of the week in the League game.

We are glad to introduce Autotek Pro a forward thinking Auto Diagnostic and Repair Information Center

Autotek Pro

Autotek Pro is an Auto Diagnostic and Repair Information Center in Lagos; our mission is to provide high quality, convenient and comprehensive auto diagnostics & repair information services for today’s modern cars and car owners. We are passionate about three things; the first two is — Information and Service. Repairing a vehicle in Lagos should not be an insurmountable & endless task or experience; and ease comes from finding the right diagnostics data/information and repair service.

The third thing is technology — Our business model seeks to harness technology to grow and expand, this includes not only being equipped with the latest auto diagnostics tools and access to current professional repair information databases, but also exploring emerging technology such as the blockchain technology/cryptocoin as a loyalty reward point platform that other retailers can participate in and create an ecosystem in the community where consumers can learn about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology by application.

Autotek Pro is located in Gbagada area of Lagos state and can be contacted through any of these active channels

Help Desk: 0809 245 6970

Whatsapp: 0909 215 6805



To join the Waves Fantasy Premier League and compete with other Nigerians use this link and join the fun

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